Hooibrink, T van Capel, F van Alphen, and E Mul for help with

Hooibrink, T. van Capel, F. van Alphen, and E. Mul for help with FACS sorting, E.Mul and T. Poplonski for help with ImageStream analysis, and the volunteers for donating blood. We also thank Dr. M. Nolte for critical reading of the manuscript. This work has been supported by the Dutch Science Foundation (VENI 916.76.127, M.C.W.). J.J.K. is supported through a personal VIDI grant (917.66.310; Dutch Science Foundation) to B.B. The authors declare no financial or commercial conflict of interest. Disclaimer: Supplementary materials have been peer-reviewed but not copyedited. Supporting Information Figure 1. (A) NAB2 is induced in human pDCs upon CpG, but not upon type I IFN stimulation.

Primary human pDCs were activated for 4h with 12.5 μg/ml CpG A or 200 ng/ml IFNα, and NAB2 protein levels were assessed. (B-F) CpG activated CAL-1 cells express CD40, IFNβ and MXA, and kill target cells in a TRAIL-dependent manner. CAL-1 HIF pathway C646 price cells were left untreated (-) or activated with Control CpG (Ctrl), CpG or IFNβ for 4h, and CD40 protein levels were measured by flow cytometry and compared with isotype control staining of CpG treated CAL-1 cells (B). mRNA levels of CD40 (C), IFNβ (D) and MXA (E) were assessed by RT-PCR. (F) CAL-1-EV cells were left untreated or CpG-activated for 6h prior to co-culture with DDAO-labeled Jurkat cells for 20h in a ratio 25:1. TRAIL-dependent killing was assessed

by adding 10 μg/ml anti-TRAIL antibody to CAL-1 cells 30 min prior to the co-culture (CpG+αTRAIL). Apoptosis induction of DDAO+ Jurkat cells was assessed by AnnexinV or Active Methocarbamol Caspase-3 stainings. Numbers represent the percentage of AnnexinV or Active Caspase-3 positive cells. Data are representative of at least 8 (B-D) or 2 (E-F) independent experiments (**p<0.005, ***p<0.001). Supporting Information Figure 2. Activation of CAL1 cell variants with CpG results

in comparable induction of CD40, TNF-α and IRF-7. CAL-1 cell variants were left untreated (Ctrl) or activated for 6h with CpG. (A) CD40 levels were assessed by flow cytometry. Left panel: one representative analysis of CD40 expression of one of 3 independently performed experiments combined in the right panel. (B) TNF-α and IL-6 cytokine expression were measured in the supernatant of 6h untreated or CpG-stimulated CAL-1 cell variants. (C) IRF-7 expression was measured by intracellular flow cytometry staining in CAL-1-EV, – NAB2, -NAB2E51K untreated or stimulated for o/n with CpG. The mean of GeoMFI of IRF-7 minus isotype control are shown. Data are representative of 3 independent experiments (*p<0.05, ***p<0.001). ND: not detectable. Supporting Information Figure 2. IRF-7 nuclear translocation in CAL-1 cells is not affected by exogenous expression of NAB2 or NAB2E51K. (D-F) CAL-2-EV, -NAB2, or -NAB2E51K were left untreated (Ctrl) or stimulated with CpG for 6h, and IRF-7 translocation was measured with ImageStream technology.

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