An important issue that was raised in

An important issue that was raised in sellckchem the first focus group, and subsequently added to the discussion questions, was that of confidentiality. All participants agreed that there was

no confidentiality with the EMR system, for example, “One of the main issues with the Cerner (EMR) is the confidentiality” (FG1). Suggestions One of the emerging themes from the discussions was a suggestion to improve the EMR system. Participants suggested the allowance of more time for the physicians and also that the email system be improved. They also proposed including some diagnoses in the EMR that are commonly used in the primary care setting, for example, “Common medical problem should be included in the diagnosis and encounter pathway should include more general complaints” (FG1). In the second focus group, participants suggested that the electronic

document design should be simplified for use by doctors and patients in primary care. “Electronic documentation it is so much better. No one differ about that but it must be simplified for the patient and for the physician” (FG2). Participants also suggested that allergies, problem list and diagnosis should be included in the main page to simplify the system. Physicians wanted to have a free text to add diagnosis and not be restricted to the available EMR list. For example, “We can’t find ICD9 since one or two months it can enter as free text, now it can’t I should change it. It should be applicable for change it. He was osteopenic and now osteoporosis. So I can change it I can click this and write other” (FG3). Participants made a request for having a link between HAAD records and the EMR system for sick leave notes and notification of disease, for example,

“Sick leave and notification. There must be a link between Cerner (EMR) and HAAD at HAAD website. For sick leave it is very important as we write free text and patient coming to me and take it after 3 days go to another clinic and take another sick leave like this” (FG2). Discussion This is the first published paper in the UAE to evaluate the EMR users’ satisfaction since the implementation. Cilengitide The aim of this study was to understand the attitude and knowledge of physicians about the EMR. Another goal was to identify the disadvantages and suggestions to improve the system. The physicians’ perceptions about the EMR summarised in the preceding text suggested several ideas to improve the system. Physicians in all focus groups were satisfied with the EMR system, although some physicians were facing some difficulties at the beginning of implementation. Most of the participants identified the long time required to do the documentation in the system as a factor that affects their practice and communication with the patients. The same results were found in a study conducted in Hawaii.

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