We found evidence for good reliability with high correlations bet

We found evidence for good reliability with high correlations between the test–retest for total PA, occupational PA, active transportation and vigorous intensity activity. Our results show that www.selleckchem.com/products/Nilotinib.html except for domestic PA and sitting time, ICC values for domains of PA were consistently above 0.70, a level of reproducibility that has been considered acceptably good for IPAQ data.33 34 Similar to a previous IPAQ-LF study in Hong Kong,34 domestic activity demonstrated the lowest ICC value in our study. However, it is possible

that the infrequent nature of household activities undertaken, especially by men, may account for the low reliability reported for domestic PA in our study. In addition to the traditional African patriarchal norm that makes most African men rarely engage in indoor household activities, men in the high socioeconomic group in Nigeria may also not engage in outdoor domestic activities such as gardening and outdoor home appliances and equipment maintenance, because they are able to employ the services of domestic helpers and repair men. Our findings of lower reliability for domestic activity among men, those with more than secondary school education and those who were employed compared to their counterparts

seem to support this assumption. The highest and strongest reliability coefficients (0.82) were found for active transportation as well as vigorous intensity activity. Perhaps active transportation was more stable, consistent and reproducible over time than other PA domains because it is a common and ubiquitous PA behaviour in the African region. Mostly, the performance of active transportation, especially walking, is often out of necessity rather than choice within the African context. Our finding of higher ICC value for vigorous intensity PA is consistent with findings of other studies that found the reliability of vigorous intensity activity to be higher compared to that of moderate intensity activity.10 30 34 35

GSK-3 Compared to structured vigorous PAs such as sports and exercise, which can be more easily recalled, moderate intensity PA is often of low salience, incidental and may not easily be remembered by people.36 37 Furthermore, our finding that the reliability of vigorous intensity PA was meaningfully higher among men than women seems to confirm our previous findings with the IPAQ-SF.21 Plausibly, men in Nigeria are more consistent than women when responding to PA items that pertain to intense vigorous PA than other intensities of activity. Overall, the moderate-to-good evidence of reliability found for all items indicates that the modified IPAQ-LF is reproducible, internally consistent and is promising for research in Nigeria.

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